Osteopath Murwillumbah | My Sensitive Nervous System Pt 2.
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My Sensitive Nervous System Pt 2.

My Sensitive Nervous System Pt 2.

You’re making me nervous”


My nerves got the better of me…”


Strain and Sprain

When we strain our back or neck, or any part of the body for that matter, the subsequent pain may be throbbing, aching, sharp, catching, constant, or intermittent. Pain is a normal response to injury – it makes you take care, allowing your body the time and space it needs to heal.


Sensitive Sensory Nerves

Following an injury, the sensory nerves surrounding the injured area become “sensitised”, meaning it takes less stimulus (e.g. movement or pressure) for them to activate and send messages of alarm to the brain for interpretation. As we heal the nerve sensitisation eases, and eventually we return back to our usual pain-free state.


Hang on, I’m still in pain!

Given the right circumstances, the body will heal. If the circumstances are not ideal, the body will do its best, but pain may persist. This can occur when the sensory nerves become dysfunctional, sending messages of alarm to the brain when no danger of further injury is present.


What can I do?

In this situation the path to pain-free movement can take a little longer, as the body and brain need to be reassured that further injury is not likely, and through gentle progressive movement the nerves and brain can start to once again resume normal functioning. Lifestyle changes such as improving diet and getting better sleep can also help the process of healing. Even understanding the nature of pain can help to reassure you and decrease pain levels.

Help me osteopath!

Your osteopath can help you by offering both expert advice and skilled hands-on treatment to help to regain pain-free movement. If you have never seen an osteopath before, don’t be nervous (!) – give us a call and take the next step toward a better quality of life!

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